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(CV) Graf Zeppelin Class

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(CV) Graf Zeppelin Class Empty (CV) Graf Zeppelin Class

Post  Hunterman009 on Thu Jan 21, 2010 12:58 pm


Displacement: 33,550 tonnes
Length: 262.5 m (861 ft 3 in)
Beam: 31.5 m (103 ft 4 in)
Draft: 7.6 m (24 ft 11 in)
Propulsion: Geared turbines, 200,000 WPS (147,000 kW), four screws
Speed: 35 kn (65 km/h)
Range: 14,816 km (8,000 nmi) at 19 kn (35 km/h)
Complement: 1,720 crew
306 flight personnel


Aircraft carried: Complement of 50
10 × Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighters
20 × Junkers Ju 87 dive bombers
20 × Fieseler Fi 167 torpedo bombers


Graf Zeppelin was the only aircraft carrier launched by Germany during World War II and represented part of the Kriegsmarine's attempt to create a well-balanced oceangoing fleet, capable of projecting German naval power far beyond the narrow confines of the Baltic and North Seas. Construction was ordered on 16 November, 1935 and her keel was laid down on 28 December, 1936 by Deutsche Werke at Kiel. Named in honor of Graf (Count) Ferdinand von Zeppelin, the ship was launched on 8 December, 1938 but never saw completion and never became operational.

This and other infromation can be found at:
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