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Post  mrdugsir on Mon Jan 25, 2010 8:22 am

User Name: mrdugsir (+others listed below)
Nation(s): KM & IJN
Bridge Operator rank(s): 80,74,70,67,60 (approx)
current ship(s): KM - Bismark,GZ,O-Pro,AD,Moltke,SS2
IJN - B65,Asama,Kita

length of time playing navy field(avrg.): 2+ years
your age/d.o.b.: 35

Two quick questions:

what made you come to this fleet? I like Kiwi, and frode went inactive so I don't have him to gossip too anymore. If not I can be the first to be denied!

how active will you be online/on the forum? I play a couple times a week and check the forums about the same.

what dept. would you want to be in [graphic design|recruitment|training|none]? I've helped with a couple websites, held a squad and a variety of other things. Could help with whatever needs done.

Here's what else I have

thelolfather - KM M-Pro,Emden
- made to hold my squad together

lolfleet1 - KM PBB, BB2, PCA, CV1, SS3 & APA
- will grind to SS4 once it comes out

lolfleet2 - IJN PBB, BB2, PCA, CV2, CV1, SS3 & APA
- (need 2 levels to IseCV)
- will grind to SS4 once it comes out

lolfleet3 - US PCA, CA & APA
- (still working on it but will have similar to above).

lolfleet4 - RN
- (barely started but will work on after lol3)

lolfleet5 - FR
- (will start after nation pack is introduced)

All ships are in a squad I started so keep everything together so it would be 10 days until I can officially join.



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Application Empty Re: Application

Post  Kiwi's son on Mon Jan 25, 2010 8:43 am

Application 348t8o2

well, just make sure none of your stuff is still attached to ssgs.

I'm surprised you came over, I could use your help.

make sure to register as well yourself, I'll activate your account when you get there.
Kiwi's son
Kiwi's son
O-11 Fleet Admiral
O-11 Fleet Admiral

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