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(CA-26) USS Northhampton

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(CA-26) USS Northhampton Empty (CA-26) USS Northhampton

Post  Kiwi's son on Thu Jan 21, 2010 8:54 am


Type: Northhampton-class heavy cruiser
Displacement: 9,050 tons
Length: 600 ft 3 in (182.96 m)
Beam: 66 ft 1 in (20.14 m)
Draft: 16 ft 4 in (4.98 m)

* Parsons turbines
* 8 × White-Forster boilers
* 4 × screws
* 107,000 shp (80,000 kW)

Speed: 32.5 kn (37.4 mph; 60.2 km/h)

* Total:621
o Officer:55
o Enlisted:566

Sensors and
processing systems: RCA CXAM RADAR
Armament: 9 × 8 in (200 mm)/55 cal Mk 10/11 guns (3x3), 4 × 5 in (130 mm)/25 cal Mk 10 guns (4x1), 9 × 21 in (530 mm) torpedo tubes (3x3), 24 × 40 mm/56 cal Mk 1/2 Bofors AA cannons (6x4), 28 × 20 mm/70 cal Mk 2/3/4 Oerlikon AA cannons (28x1)

* 3 in (76 mm) belt and 1 in (25 mm) deck over machinery
* 3.75 in (95.25 mm) side and 2 in (51 mm) deck over magazines
* 1.5 in (38.1 mm) barbettes
* 2.5 in (63.5 mm) face, 2 in (51 mm) roof, and .75 in (19.05 mm) side and rear on gunhouses

Aircraft carried: 2 × floatplanes


Northampton was at sea with Admiral William Halsey, Jr. in Enterprise during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, returning to port the next day. On 9 December, the force sortied to search northeast of Oahu, then swept south to Johnston Island, then north again to hunt the enemy west of Lisianski Island and Midway Atoll. On 11 December, Craven was damaged when it collided with Northampton during underway refueling.[2]

Through January 1942, Northampton joined in such searches until detached with Salt Lake City to bombard Wotje on 1 February. The bombardment not only demolished buildings and fuel dumps on the island, but also sank two Japanese ships. A similar assault was fired against Wake Island on 24 February when, despite serious enemy counterfire, the guns of Northampton and her force started large fires on the island and sank a dredge in the lagoon. As Northampton retired from the island, enemy seaplanes, landbased planes, and patrol craft attacked, but all were destroyed or repulsed.

On 4 March, the force launched aircraft for a strike on Marcus Island, then turned east for Pearl Harbor. Early in April, Enterprise's task force, including Northampton, sortied once again, and joined Hornet force for the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo 18 April. Once again the ships replenished at Pearl Harbor, then sailed for the Southwest Pacific, arriving just after the battle of the Coral Sea. Returning to Pearl Harbor, Northampton prepared for the action soon to come at the battle of Midway, when she screened Enterprise. On 4-5 June, the American carriers launched their planes to win a great victory, turning the Japanese back in mid-Pacific, and dealing them a tremendous blow by sinking four carriers. Throughout the battle of Midway, Northampton protected her carrier and with her returned undamaged to Pearl Harbor on 13 June.

In mid-August, Northampton sailed for the Southwest Pacific to join in the Guadalcanal operation. She patrolled southeast of San Cristobal, where on 15 September her force was attacked by submarines, which damaged Wasp and North Carolina, and struck O'Brien only 800 yd (730 m) off Northampton's port beam. Now sailing with Hornet, Northampton screened the carrier during attacks on Bougainville Island on 5 October.

During the battle of the Santa Cruz Islands on 26 October, which took place without surface contact with the enemy, Northampton went to the aid of Hornet, mortally wounded by enemy aircraft, and provided antiaircraft cover while attempting to take the stricken carrier in tow. Obviously doomed, the carrier was later sunk by destroyer torpedo and gunfire, and the American force retired to the southwest.

this is some of the information you can find from:
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Kiwi's son
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