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(CV) Shinano Class

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(CV) Shinano Class Empty (CV) Shinano Class

Post  Hunterman009 on Thu Jan 21, 2010 8:30 am


Class and type: Converted Yamato class battleship
Displacement: 62,000 tons (standard)
72,000 tons (loaded)[1]
Length: 266.0 m (872.7 ft)[1]
Beam: 36.3 m (119 ft) waterline
40 m (131.3 ft) flight deck[1]
Draught: 10.3 m (33.9 ft)
Draft: 10.8 m (35.4 ft)[1]
Propulsion: 12 Kampon oil-fired boilers,[1]
geared steam turbines,[1]
4 shafts,[1] 153,000 shp
Speed: 27 knots (51 km/h)[1]
Range: 10,000 nm. at 27 knots
(18,400 km at 50 km/h)[1]
Complement: 2,400[2]


Armament: Sixteen 127 mm (5' inch)[2]
145 - 25 mm antiaircraft guns[2]
twelve 28-barreled 127 mm (5 inch) AA rocket launchers[2]
Armour: 127 mm (5 inch) side belt,
100 mm (4 inch) deck,
79 mm (3.1 inch) flight deck
Aircraft carried: 47 (capable of storing 139)[1]


Shinano (Japanese:信濃), named after the ancient Shinano Province, was an aircraft carrier of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. Initially laid down as the third of the Yamato class battleships, Shinano's partially complete hull was converted to an aircraft carrier in 1942, midway through construction. Over the next two years, Shinano was heavily modified to act as a large support carrier. When completed, she had a full-load displacement of 72,000 tons, the largest aircraft carrier ever built at the time.

Commissioned in November 1944, Shinano was to transfer from the Yokosuka Naval Shipyard to Kure Naval Base to complete her outfitting. While en-route, Shinano was sunk by the submarine USS Archer-Fish ten days after her commissioning; the result of severe design flaws, crew inexperience and poor damage control. To date, it is the largest warship to be sunk by a submarine.

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