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(CV-5) USS YorkTown

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(CV-5) USS YorkTown Empty (CV-5) USS YorkTown

Post  Kiwi's son on Thu Jan 21, 2010 7:43 am


Class and type: Yorktown-class aircraft carrier
Displacement: As built:
19,800 long tons (20,100 t) light
25,500 long tons (25,900 t) full load
Length: As built: 770 feet (230 m) (waterline @ design draft)
824 ft 9 in (251.38 m) overall
Beam: As built: 83 ft 3 in (25.37 m) (waterline)
109 ft 6 in (33.38 m) (overall)
Draft: 25 ft 11.5 in (7.912 m) (as built)
Propulsion: 9 × Babcock & Wilcox boilers,
4 × Parsons geared turbines,
120,000 shp (89 MW)
4 × screws
Speed: 32.5 knots (37.4 mph; 60.2 km/h)
Range: 12,500 nautical miles (23,200 km; 14,400 mi) at 15 knots (17 mph; 28 km/h)
Complement: 2,217 officers and men (1941)
Sensors and
processing systems: CXAM-1 RADAR from 1940[1]

As built:

* 8 × single 5 in/38 cal guns
* 4 × quad 1.1 in/75 cal guns
* 24 × .50 caliber machine guns

From February 1942:

* 8 × 5 in/38 cal
* 4 × Quad 1.1 in/75 cal
* 30 × 20 mm Oerlikon cannons

Armor: As built:
2.5-4 inch belt
60 lb protective decks
4 inch bulkheads
4 inch side and 2 inch top round conning tower
4 inch side over steering gear
Aircraft carried: As built:
90 aircraft
3 × elevators
2 × flight deck hydraulic catapults
1 × hangar deck hydraulic catapults


Yorktown was laid down on 21 May 1934 at Newport News, Virginia, by the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Co.; launched on 4 April 1936; sponsored by Eleanor Roosevelt; and commissioned at the Naval Operating Base (NOB), Norfolk, Virginia, on 30 September 1937, Capt. Ernest D. McWhorter in command.

After fitting out, the aircraft carrier trained in Hampton Roads, Virginia and in the southern drill grounds off the Virginia capes into January 1938, conducting carrier qualifications for her newly embarked air group.

Yorktown sailed for the Caribbean on 8 January 1938 and arrived at Culebra, Puerto Rico, on 13 January. Over the ensuing month, the carrier conducted her shakedown, touching at Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands; Gonaïves, Haiti; Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and Cristóbal, Panama Canal Zone. Departing Colon Bay, Cristobal, on 1 March, Yorktown sailed for Hampton Roads, arrived on 6 March, and shifted to the Norfolk Navy Yard the next day for post-shakedown availability.

After undergoing repairs through the early autumn of 1938, Yorktown shifted from the navy yard to NOB Norfolk on 17 October and soon headed for the Southern Drill Grounds for training.

Yorktown operated off the eastern seaboard, ranging from Chesapeake Bay to Guantanamo Bay, into 1939. As flagship for Carrier Division 2, she participated in her first war game - Fleet Problem XX - along with her sister-ship USS Enterprise (CV-6) in February 1939. The scenario for the exercise called for one fleet to control the sea lanes in the Caribbean against the incursion of a foreign European power while maintaining sufficient naval strength to protect vital American interests in the Pacific. The maneuvers were witnessed, in part, by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, embarked in the heavy cruiser USS Houston (CA-30).

The critique of the operation revealed that carrier operations - a part of the scenarios for the annual exercises since the entry of USS Langley (CV-1) into the war games in 1925 - had achieved a new peak of efficiency. Despite the inexperience of Yorktown and Enterprise - comparative newcomers to the Fleet - both carriers made significant contributions to the success of the problem. The planners had studied the employment of carriers and their embarked air groups in connection with convoy escort, antisubmarine defense, and various attack measures against surface ships and shore installations. In short, they worked to develop the tactics that would be used when war actually came.

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